Order a custom painting of a loved pet, familymember, or something else you want to remember forever! It truly is a unique and luxurious gift for yourself or someone you care.



Materials I use for my art are usually:

  • Pastel pencils on Pastelmat Paper
  • Acrylpaint on streched canvases
  • Pencils on Fabriano Aristico paper


pablon kuva pienennetty

Graphite drawings

19x28cm 140€

28x38cm 190€

38x55cm 240€

55x76cm 300€

ariel pastellit vesileimalla

Pastel drawings

17,5x25,0cm - 150€

25,0x35,0cm - 220€

35,0x50,0cm - 295€

50,0x70,0cm - 370€

hevonen akryyleillä vesileimalla300

Acryl paintings

Countless variation of sizes, also custom sizes,  for example:

24x33x2cm 220€

40x60x2cm 370€

50x70x2cm 460€

60x80x2cm 550€

70x90x2cm 680€

80x120x2cm 850€

100x120x2cm 1020€

100x150x2cm 1225€

Prices above are starting-prices for one animal / human. Prices will be determined by number of the animals/humans and the possible backround.

Prices do not include shipping cost, which are added and calculated separately. Shipping is wordwide. Prices vary depending on the size of the painting and the destination.

Prices include 10% VAT.

Let's discuss a deal that fits for you!