“Pisara elämää”


Even the smallest drop is a whole life for someone. Every drop matters.

“Pisara elämää” means A drop of life.

Pastels on Pastel paper.

Size 35 x 50cm

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I really like the small details, both when I make art and in nature. I often stay to watch the small drops of water, and in this painting the star has both a stunning blue color in its various shades and a small drop of water that plays a big part in this butterfly’s day.

I remember hearing somewhere that one way to explain the universe is by water droplets in a spider web – every droplet is one universe, and every droplet reflects all the other droplets, and all reflections reflect all reflections of all reflections, and so on… .and thus the universe is the infinite . Think about it the next time you admire the water drops!

The “Pisara elämää” is 35x50cm in size. Together with the opening and backing cardboard, its size is 45x60cm, and thus it fits frames with an inner dimension of 45x60cm.

* Pastel work is done on Pastel paper. The work is stuck between the backing cardboard and the passepartout cardboard, so it is ready to be framed. The passepartout cardboard prevents the work from hitting the glass of the frames because pastel work cannot withstand contact, and the backing cardboard prevents the work from folding.

Pastel works do not include frames, but I will be happy to help you think of suitable frames, or if you wish, you can include the frames you want in the work at an additional cost.

* Please note that the sample images of the paintings in the interiors and frames are for guidance only and are intended to help you assess what the product would look like when hung in your home, for example. Check the correct size of the job in the product description for each table. (The dimensions in the additional information are the shipping size of the painting with its packaging).

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