The Artist

I am a 36 year old mother of four from Sipoo, Finland. There are six members in my family: four children, my husband and me. My youngest child is five and the oldest is 14. Other family members are three dogs, two cats, rabbit, five mouses and two horses. We live in an old house by the Baltic sea surrounded by cliffs, forest and the sea. I'm convinced this serene surrounding has a direct impact on my art and inspiration boosting my creativity.

Aamun sarastus Itämerellä
kata ja viivi

In the horsepicture I'm on the left and my number one biggest supporter, my twinsister, on the right. The horse in the middle is our Finnish Warmblood mare Viivi.

Copyright of the photo Kaisa Määttänen

The landscape pictures are from our home, and the last horse picture is my finnishorse in - 27'celcius and a sunset!

Photo: Roosa Tanhuanpää Photography

I have always liked drawing but never really  put my mind to it or made proper effort to find time for it. Until now. When I start painting, I can't let go until it truly feels completed. Because I see the world through little details, it easily takes 20-30 hours to transfer everything I see to the painting, even middle sized paintings.

I am a self educated artist further developing myself by constantly trying out new methods. I feel self learning is my strength.

Only positive, happy environment trigger my creative flow and I can see that my feelings are transmitted onto my work. The subject that I'm working on becomes very familiar and alive during the hours we spend together. As a result, the owner of the painting can feel the souls of both the object and the artist, the beautiful Finnish nature as well as the feelings that were present during painting. I'm convinced that is why looking at the paintings is so touching.

During the last few years I have spent a lot of time considering my future and what I want to do with my life. I noticed that in one way or another, art was always included in the answer.  Once I realised that my art touched people, that during the painting something magical happens and when the finished painting was an amazement even to myself, the road ahead seemed pretty clear. Now I'm constantly looking for ways and trying to find time to pursue my creative calling. That is how Kata's Art was created! It is early days yet but I feel very inspired. I can't wait to see where my open heart and the road take me. Do join me on my journey!

Sininen hetki Itämerellä
Suomenhevoseni  -27 asteen pakkasillassa!